Obama Tax Hike Lives 


-- Not 'Dead on Arrival'

Dear Fellow Conservative,


You and I worked hard last year to elect

bold, conservative Republican Senate.


Not only did we win a huge victory, but

millions of voters gave the GOP an

indisputable mandate — Stop Obama.



But as you know, not everyone in

Washington wants to Stop Obama.  


In fact, some just can’t wait to work with

him on so-called tax reform and amnesty

for illegals.


A number of key Republican Senators

have already called for a new tax hike

on gasoline.


How selfish of them…  Read More


Are Conservatives Ready for Another Bush?
Cast your vote for who you would like as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has announced that he is "actively" exploring a White House bid.  

But are conservative voters Ready for Jeb?


Conservative Politics is conducting an urgent poll of conservative voters about the 2016 Republican presidential primary and who you would like as the nominee.

>>> Click Here to Cast Your Vote


All survey participants will be sent the results of this poll.

Cast your vote, then enter your email address.  After voting, check your inbox to verify your vote.


Thank you for participating in this important survey of conservative voters.


Conservative Politics


Urgent Action: Help Kill-the-Bill to Fund Obama's Amnesty


House GOP Leaders $1.1 trillion spending bill is a vote for Obama’s Amnesty, PERIOD.


Dear Conservative,


House Republican Leaders are about to pass a massive $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill that funds Obama’s unlawful amnesty.


We need your immediate help to kill this massive spending bill NOW.


It is a vote to fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty.


It FULLY funds Obamacare (again).


It bankrolls Obama’s big, fat, and bloated federal government through the fall of 2015. 

Just 4 weeks ago... Read More



Dear Conservative:


Below is an important message from Sen. Ted Cruz to GOP House Leaders, who refuse to use the Power of the Purse to stop Obama’samnesty:


“This November's election was a referendum on executive amnesty, and the American people overwhelmingly oppose President Obama's illegal amnesty. Republicans in Congress should use every tool at our disposal—our constitutional checks and balances—to stop President Obama's amnesty.... 

Read More 


An Urgent Message to Block Amnesty

On Election Day, America sent a powerful message to Congress -- STOP OBAMA.  

Yet no less than two weeks later -- amidst a full-blown Constitutional crisis -- Congress refuses to fight back!  

It's almost as if the election never happened.

Because of the weakness of our Congressional Leaders, Obama is in fact more powerful than ever... Read More


Remember Benghazi!


Gowdy: ‘I Have Evidence’ of White House Cover-Up

Trey Gowdy is going to need our support — to defend the Benghazi committee and its members from Democrat attacks. 

Dear Conservative:


Obama, Clinton, and their liberal media allies are in an all-out panic.


Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is now the chairman for the special Benghazi Committee, told FOX News he has “evidence” with “intent” of a “White House cover-up”.


"I have evidence that, not only are they hiding it, there's an intent to hide it,” said Gowdy. 

  Read More


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